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Past Adoptions

Roscoe 6

Hi! I'm Roscoe. I'm a large framed hardtail built for ripping over single track trails, cornering berms like an F1 racer, and climbing hills like Alex Honnold scampering up El Cap. I love to play among logs and my front suspension and dropper seatpost keep me balanced, easy to control, and a master of gravity. Unlike some of the other adoptees here, I may be more than you can handle at first, but we'll grow together, which means you won't need another adoption right away. I'm tubeless ready and have heart-stopping hydraulic brakes, but I'm potty trained and won't accidentally leak on the floor. And for only $1650, I'm cheaper than a French poodle.

Please adopt me today!

Verve+ 3

Hi! I'm Verve+ 3. I know what you're thinking. I must be one of Elon Musk's kids. Actually, the + means I'm electrified! Yep! I'm a full-fledged eBike with a crank drive German-engineered Bosch motor capable of applying seamless pedal-assisting power to propel you up to 28mph. I'm practically a BMW! I keep my riders upright and comfortable for long rides on smooth pavement. I'm perfect for a commuter! My full chainguard keeps pants and socks clean, my fenders deflect water and mud, my lights illuminate the way and keep you safe, and my rack can carry as many laptops as you need to do your job. And my best seatpost has a little extra bounce to absorb the rough spots in the road. It's as close to a Lay-Z-Boy your tush is going to get on a bicycle.

The lovely staff here believes my top tube and MSRP scared some potential adopters off, but they air and polish me often, while reassuring me that large frames need love too. The staff doesn't want this to only be about me, so they went ahead scripted a bragging point for you by offering me for only $1650! 

I know you're out there, my forever someone. Please adopt me today!

Checkpoint SL6 Etap

Hi! I'm Checkpoint. If we want to be technical about it, I'm Checkpoint SL6 Etap, but that's a lot to yell when you're calling me home for dinner.

As your rugged adventure companion I'm built for speed and efficiency over uneven, rocky, dirty terrain. I have more mounting holes than pegboard, so you can load me up with racks and water bottles to store gear, food, water, and growlers of beer. Bet you never looked at your bike and thought brewery tour, but you will now with me. My carbon frame is stiff, yet absorbs more of the road than my aluminum counterpart, and my electronic shifting is quick, snappy, and SO pleasing to use that you'll never want a cable again.

I know you might think I'm just too pretty for you. I hear that a lot from other prospective owners, but what they don't understand is that like a finely tailored suit, I look good, but I make you look better.

At $4,499 I'm not inexpensive, but what pure breed is? Remember - You'll look good, we'll have fun and explore like when you were a kid, and brewery tour by bike. :-)

Please adopt me today!


Bonjour! I’m Sprocket. I’m one of the few pups here. I’m a 20-inch single-speed built to play with your human pups. I'm the playful companion that will give your kids their first taste of self-propelled speed and freedom to explore their surroundings, whom they will recall with fondness well into their elder years.

My coat is called Mermaid. I thought mermaids lived in the sea, but I don’t have fins or scales, so I'm a bit confused. You know adults, though; they come up with nonsensical names for everything - like Verve+. There are also others in my litter with Neptune Blue and Peachy Keen coats. I come with a kickstand. It will give you peace of mind while your human pups will simply ignore it. 

For only $389 I could be your child’s indelible memory.

Please adopt me today!


Hi! I’m Verve. Unlike Verve+, your leg power moves me. Literally. I’m sleek, sexy, and comfortable. Like a night spent curled up on the couch with Ryan Reynolds after he cooks you dinner. I’m built for an upright riding position removing any stress being put on your wrists and shoulders. My frame shape makes me super easy to get on and off, so I’m perfect for new riders or those with dodgy hips and limited flexibility. I have a wonderful road-bump absorbing suspension seatpost and comfort inducing adjustable handlebars. My sharp color may be too much for some, but get this, I’m hot AND very down to earth. While my breeders suggested I be priced at $1000, the staff here decided $699 may be enticing for one of you out there.

Please adopt me today!

Top Fuel 8 XT

Hi. I’m Butch. I’m of the breed Top Fuel 8 XT from the breeder Trek. I like to play in the mud, wrestle roots, jump stumps, and chase squirrels. My wide knobby tires provide strong grip for ripping around berms, and my Rockshox full-suspension setup absorbs the bumps and keeps my rider in control on uneven terrain. I come with a dropper-post instantly boosting your trail cred, even if you don’t know when to use it. I have a lightweight aluminum frame, a rockin’ Shimano XT drivetrain, and hydraulic brakes strong enough to buy Mr. Squirrel another day to keep on livin’. You know how cheap wine gets the job done, and fine wines make meals memorable? At $3999, I’m a like a fine wine. Your rides are just gonna be more fun and memorable than if you went out on one of those budget mutts. Come adopt me, and let’s go find some stumps!

Precaliber 16

Uh Oh! Someone has some explaining to do!

The shop dog, Dacre, had puppies! These little cuties are Precaliber 16s in Volt and Pink Frosting. Perfect for your little 4-5 year old pups to be introduced to the joys of riding a bike. They are lightweight, single speed, pedal braking machines that come assembled with training wheels! At $299 they are practically a steal in the purebred world. Being bred from Trek (and Dacre), these beauties hold their value and can be traded in for the next size up within 2 years of adoption for up to 50% of their purchase price.

Adopt one today! But please leave your male canines at home.


Yo! I’m Rangefinder, bro. I’m Salsa’s hardtail ripper designed for shredding the gnar with jalapeño and tomato. If Trek’s Marlin were a yellow lab, then I’m a black lab. You may not be familiar with Salsa Cycles, but they only breed bikes for adventuring joy. While their bikes come in all sizes, the staff here finds taller riders discover Salsa’s geometry fits them like a favorite pair of jeans. My gnarly Maxxis Rekon 29ers grip as we rip, while my 120mm travel fork devours bumps like a kid eating tacos on Tuesday. My wide bars, quick snappy shifting and hydraulic brakes keep you in control where others throw you to the trees. To take this chili pepper home you’ll have to part with $699. Then we can hit the trails, eat some mud, rip around berms, soar over jumps, and generally kick butt. 

So what are you waiting for? Get me outta here!

Velotric T1 ST

Hey. They call me the Sandman. I’m Velotric’s T1 ST lightweight eBike. That probably makes me sound like a cross between a Metallica fan and a Cyberdyne Systems’ Terminator. I assure you I am really a gentle pup. One that my torque sensing proprietary drive system powered by a 350W motor and integrated battery will propel you 52 miles at a whopping 25 mph down paved paths! Argh argh argh argh!

Being 36 lbs I’m only slightly heavier than a manual mountain bike, so you can probably lift me without another human and any car rack will hold me. How do you like them apples, Rad Power? At $1099 I’m one of the best built and most affordable – and adoptable – bike shop supported eBikes available. And sure, you can ride me in full manual mode, too. I get it. We all need exercise.


Hi! I’m Emojo, the newest pup in the pound. Unlike Cujo, I’m mentally AND physically stable with three wheels and TWO baskets; enough to carry lots of um….refreshments. So if you like Pina Coladas and rain, I’ve got you! I’ll handle the stability, my fenders will keep mud off of you, and my electric 500W front hub motor and battery are big enough to propel us up to 35 miles on a charge at 20 mph. If you feel like taking control, I have 7 speeds and can be pedaled completely manually. How we go is up to you! My 4” wide tires are perfect for long rides on the beach, trips through the woods, and instilling confidence that potholes and squirrels don’t stand a chance! I retail for $3200, but am being offered here for $2900. I’m a steal!