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We are right off the Bike Trail (Fairfax County Trail)

Jack of all trails,
master of fun 

TREK Top Fuel

Bike of the Week

Hi. I’m Skippy. I’m a Haro Shredder. Of the 18” variety. I like to run. I like to play. I like to chase balls and squirrels. I love air in my tires and a kid on my saddle. Where we going? Somewhere fun? Somewhere to play? When are we going? Huh? Huh? Will there be puddles? I like puddles. Did I mention I like kids? I’m GREAT with kids. With 18” tires I’m perfect for kids that have outgrown their trainer pet.  I’m more energetic and challenging, but no so large they’ll struggle. Like a Jack Russell after the gerbil but before the Lab. Perfect for 5-7 year old humans who have the basics of balance down. Or, the staff says I can have training wheels put on, which sounds like a muzzle, but I get it, I get it. Oh! Oh! I have a sister here too! She’s pink. Only difference. My adoption fee is $270. Hope to see ya! Ooo. Gotta go! I see a little bell in the shelter I want to ring over and over.

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